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Shipping methods

Since you are reading this in english odds are that you are not icelandic or in iceland for that matter.

If you are living outside of Iceland say you are in the north of Europe we recommend using shipping method: 

Prime Express 4-5 daysit costs about 950 ISK which is about €6 or 62 NOK, 61 SEK

You can of course use DHL but its a bit more expansive though it is faster shipping for sure. 

Are you in Iceland?

You can pick Pósturinn or TVG shipping methods

Either way cost is about 1200 ISK

"Samdægurs heimsending - pantað fyrir kl. 13" means we deliver at your door if ordered prior to 13 hours in the capital area. 
You can also pick one of our pickup locations on N1 petrol stations around capital area. 
It costs less than home delivery and maybe convenient for you, some places are open 24/7

You maybe thinking why it cost less to ship to another country, we are just trying to give a little extra discount to expand our market and while the orders are not too many it is ok.


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